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Kiss The Future

“A blast from the past and a kiss for the future.

You can’t predict or control it, there are too many variables, so just look forward to it. You can’t escape it, so sometimes you just have to give it a little kiss. I haven’t always done this myself, this isn’t a life lesson and I’m not an idealist, I'm a realist. The infinity sign links to the fact life goes around in circles. History always repeats itself. As human beings, we make mistakes over and over again, but we can use these to drive us forward. It fascinates me that it’s often the darkest times in our lives that spark the greatest bursts of creativity. The past, present and future are all equally as important as each other. Learn from the past, live in the present and kiss the future.”
- Laser 3.14

Hand Sprayed Artwork by Laser 3.14.

Spray Paint on 300gsm Fabriano Cotton Paper
Signed & Dated in Pencil on Front
50 x 70cm

Laser 3.14 Classics are just that, they are Laser's most iconic editions.

Artworks are handmade on order and shipped within ten business days.

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