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Laser 3.14 x MUL

Laser 3.14 x Mul

Limited to an edition of 100 hand painted pieces. Signed and numbered by both artists on sleek Fabriano paper.
Only sold by Unit 44 (UK)

Unit 44

DIE THIS WAY by Altar Beatz and Laser 3.14

Die This Way is our latest album. Some of the tracks were created in the Covid era while others were written years before but fitted the project. Altar Beatz created the music that fits on the poems of Laser 3.14 perfectly.Released November 30, 2023
Music: Altar BeatzLyrics and Vocals: Laser 3.14
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Laser 3.14 x Eddy Plu NFT


Art by Laser 3.14 is also available at the following galleries:

Unit 44 - Newcastle, UK

New Neon In The Making

It will be sold by Famous Amsterdam. More news will follow soon!

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