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DIY Cassette Tape by Altar Beatz and Laser 3.14 - DIE THIS WAY 5/10

Home recorded DIY cassette tape release of
Altar Beatz and Laser 3.14’s album: DIE THIS WAY 

The B-Side of the tape is their older release: Where To Begin: Episode 4.

All copies are recorded by Laser 3.14 at his home. 

“I wanted to record and make the tapes the way I used to as a kid. I would make my own mixtape, write the titles of the songs on the paper inlay and on the stickers of the tape and sit in my room soaking up the music. With this I wanted to do it as authentic as possible and do it the way I used to." - Laser 3.14

In the picture is 1/10 depicted, you're buying 5/10. 

DIY Cassette Tape Maxell 90 min tape 
Paper and Fineliner
Edition of 10

Artworks are handmade on order and shipped within ten business days. 

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