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Catch A Dream

“Catch A Dream refers back to when I was growing up. I came from a poor family and subsequently didn’t see many opportunities for myself given the environment I was in. I knew I had the talent to draw, but I’d often get slated for it and people gave me a lot of stick saying I’d never be able to make a living out of it. Not once did I listen to them, in fact, their comments only fuelled me to work harder at the thing I absolutely loved. What I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to work a regular job… I tried and hated it. So that meant I had to keep going, chasing my dream and now here I am doing what I love the most. Now I just need to hold on to it, nurture it and never let it go. That’s why this is one of my most notorious lines. It not only defines me as a person, but it resonates with so many of us who are trying to get the thing we want and love.

Believe in yourself, in what you do and go for it no matter what people say. Especially when it’s the only thing you have.”
- Laser 3.14

Hand Sprayed Artwork by Laser 3.14.

Spray Paint on 300gsm Fabriano Cotton Paper
Signed & Dated in Pencil on Front
50 x 70cm
Open Edition

Laser 3.14 Classics are just that, they are Laser's most iconic editions.

Artworks are handmade on order and shipped within fourteen business days.

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