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A Dedicated Follower

“Based on The Kinks song, ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ it’s about me being a kid growing up in a religious environment and making the decision never to follow anything.

For me, freedom of thought was a catalyst. I felt restricted to think and choose which information and subjects I was interested in. This shaped me into the person I am today, very hesitant to be part of any ideology. Some people prohibit seeing or even recognising opposite views. This way of thinking limits you as a person. You can't call yourself an open person and at the same time be unwilling to listen and let others have a different perspective. I don't like that form of tribalism and believe this is what has led to an epidemic of censorship and intolerance of opposing views.

Looking at it from a musical perspective, of course, I had and followed my favourites, but I listened to a lot of artists from a wide range of genres. Therefore, I wasn’t dedicated to only one type of music, keeping me open to all opinions. My idea was a good track is a good track, no matter who made it. It could be rap, wave, pop, rock, soul, funk or electronic music.

This way of living made me richer on a personal and spiritual level. I can’t imagine the number of things I would’ve missed out on experiencing had I neglected everything except my fixed ideology. The world is a place teeming with great ideas and views once you allow yourself to absorb and appreciate its beauty.”
- Laser 3.14

Hand Sprayed Artwork by Laser 3.14.

Spray Paint on 300gsm Fabriano Cotton Paper
Signed & Dated in Pencil on Front
50 x 70cm
Open Edition

Laser 3.14 Classics are just that, they are Laser's most iconic editions.

Artworks are handmade on order and shipped within fourteen business days.

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