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Laser 3.14 x Eddy Plu | Limited Edition Lego Art Amsterdam Forever 4/5

"Here's to the city that defined me. The special place I'm proud to call home."
- Laser 3.14

Eddy Plu is a Lego Artist and his craft is combined with Laser’s poetry ‘Thought Crimes In Progress’ in this miniature sculpture. This 'visual poem' is handwritten by Laser 3.14, making each edition unique. The mini figurine was created by Eddy Plu from real Lego.

Laser's anonymity is symbolically maintained through the text 'It's Me' handwritten on the figurine's face where all characteristics have been removed. 'It's Me' is from an original photographic series by Marc de Groot.
Eddy Plu, known from sites such as BrickNerd and The Brothers Brick, previously published several Banksy (and other) street-art creations, all in limited editions. His work continues to be sought by collectors worldwide.

Lego Laser 3.14 x Eddy Plu
Mixed media sculpture in display box 4.6 x 5.5 x 10 cm
Released in an edition of 5
Hand-signed by Laser 3.14 and Eddy Plu
Dated 2022 and Numbered
A COA (Certificate of Authenticity) is included

Eddy Plu
Marc De Groot

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